LEMURIAN SEED CRYSTAL / 432Hz High-Frequency Essence

  • Lemurian Seed Crystal Essence is created using a range of authentic and cleansed large Lemurian Seed Quartz crystals in a very special ceremony giving reverence and prayer to the waters.


    ^ Harmonically Encoded to 432Hz^


    Crystal Essences focus on capturing the tone and vitality of high-vibrational earth elements by using alive water, pure cane ethanol & crystal glassware with a high refractive index to bend and capture light;  infused for one full moon cycle. 


    The Lemurian gem elixir has ancient information from the magical people of Lemuria. A powerful healer it will assist in meditation and healing on all levels. It is an essence filled with white light and healing. An absolute must for light workers, healers and people wishing to raise their vibration.


    30 ml / 120 doses

  • Ingredients: Lemurian seed crystal essence, Organic cane spirits, 432hz Harmonically encoded spring water. 


    Directions: Take 7 drops under tongue / Add to bathtub / Add to water botte / Add a few drops to your tea.