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What is Mono-atomic Gold?



Monatomic Gold is exactly as it sounds - Liquid Alchemical Gold, or, the ‘Elixir of Life’. Gold is 100% natural and illuminating to consume.


This powerful electrical conductor has been used since Ancient times to increase physical and mental energy, promote luminous Pranic vitality, awaken Pineal function and enhance the Light-Body.


{ Alchemy }


Mono atomic Gold refers to a Matrix of gold particles which exist in a non-metallic form, or “high-spin state”. To the Egyptians, this was known as “Manna”, or, the “Elixir of Life”. It was believed to be a sacrament from the Gods, given to the Pharaohs by secrets adepts for achieving extended-life and immortality, which then prepared them to become “As the Gods.”


The Egyptians would use this powerful elemental as a sacred tool of magic and divination. Gold was also used to awaken the dormant light-matrix codes within the atomic levels of the human body and to awaken the pineal gland.


It was also used to strengthen psychic abilities and was known as a sacred medicine tool which allowed them to commune with the spirits and the Gods.


{ As Above / So Below }


Consuming Gold is somewhat of a phenomena which can only be described as a ‘felt’ experience. When consumed, these  elements seem to allow the body’s cell and electrical networks to relay messages more efficiently and to encourage the body to express more of its true biological potential.


In Ancient times, Gold was taken to allow the human energy body to become like a superconductive electrical highway, promoting greater clarity and connection, a heightened 5-sense reality & true harmonic resonance with Source.



Further suggested benefits of Gold :


- Increase in cellular harmonic vibration

- Awaneking of the pineal gland

- Energy repairs itself back into the divine consciousness

- Expanded perception of 5-sense reality

- Stimulate Kundalini energy

- Improved self-healing awareness

- An intense emotional cleansing and stabilization

- The vibrational frequency of the auras is increased

- Chakra activations are made more receptive to light

- Dreams intensified (lucid dreaming + astral dreaming)

≜ (Note: While we know these products are extremely tasty, please stick to the recommended daily dosage - Gold is 'alive' and so you are working with the consciousness of a living element, please treat this product as you would any sacred sacrament)


NOTE: Gold is a superconductor which offers greatly enhanced connectivity. Due to its conductivity, it is also sensitive to external electromagnetics - To ensure proper storage and respect to the sacred element, please keep your Gold products away from any electronic devices and EMF's.

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