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Alchemy of Soul.

So, What is an Herbal Extract?

       / Our  liquid extracts are made from Local, Organically Grown & Ethically Wild Harvested plants that are Co-Macerated in purified Organic Cane Spirits for 40 days and nights using Traditional Alchemical extraction processes.

Herbal Extracts are an easy and convenient way to access the positive affects of medicinal plants in a fast-acting & gentle, concentrated herbal extraction.


      / These processes provide our bodies access to the positive components of these plants: such as resins, alkaloids, terpenes, minerals & nutrients.

     / Taken daily, these bio-photonically preserved elixirs may help to revitalise Pranic vital force Energy. 


About Yantra /

Welcome, I’m Danielle - Mad Scientist & Creatrix for Yàntra Apothecary.

I come from a background of  Bio-Medicine., Clinical Neuro Kinesiology, Herbal Medicine, Horticulture & Farming, and live a life in service to our Plant Teachers.

We are made of the Elements and resonating with our earth's frequency. We have evolved to live in co-existence with the plant kingdom and to work with these offerings to guide us in the evolution of  our innate health, wellbeing and human consciousness.


Yantra's ceremonial products are made using traditional Hermetic Alchemical practices that honour the plant, its vital force, and the Tria Prima (Materia Prima / Prime Matter).

As above; so below.


Join me along my journey of Alchemy, Wild-Harvesting & Magick, with the aim to inspire a deep re-connection to our roots on this great mother earth & awaken to the celestial medicine held within us all. 


find me on instagram @yantra.medicina

Egyptian Ultra-Violet
Biophotonic Miron Glass Packaging

All of our products come in Ultraviolet Biophotonic glass packaging, also known as Miron or Violet glass, which has been in use since Ancient Egyptian times.


Biophotonic glass naturally filters the spectrum of visible sunlight, only allowing through Infra Red and UVA light, or 'violet' light. 


Violet light has a higher frequency than any other form of light and is also the same frequency as the human nervous system. It can penetrate Biophotonic glass, designed to energise its contents for the benefit of our health by preserving alkalinity and maintaining freshness. 

Because of its natural ability to block light, Biophotonic glass is used in our organic skincare packaging as it protects precious contents from perishing in sunlight, and in our herbal tonic teas and tinctures, increasing their shelf life and effectiveness.


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